Leadership / Administration

Richard B. Commons
President of Harvard-Westlake School

Jeanne Huybrechts
Head of Harvard-Westlake School

John Amato
Vice President of Harvard-Westlake School

Terry Barnum
Head of Athletics

Audrius Barzdukas
Associate Head of Harvard-Westlake; Head of Upper School

James De Matté

Chief of Campus Operations and Construction

Elizabeth Gregory
Director of Admission

Edward W. Hu
Chief Advancement Officer

Robert D. Levin
Chief Financial Officer

Paul Mastin
Assistant Head of Middle School

James Pattison
Senior Advancement Officer

Liz Resnick
Director of Studies

Dave Ruben
Director of Computer Services

Jill Shaw

Director of Communications

Ann-Marie Whitman
Executive Assistant to the President

Jon Wimbish
Head of Middle School

Student at work on a potter’s wheel in one of the many visual arts classes offered at Harvard-Westlake