Mission Statement & Honor Code

Harvard-Westlake is a school whose curriculum and programs create an educational environment designed for students who possess both the motivation and the ability to pursue a rigorous college preparatory course of study.

The school strives to provide an education that enables and empowers its diverse students to: develop their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical gifts; to understand and respect the similarities and differences among themselves and others in their local and world communities; and to learn the habits of mind and self-discipline necessary to live with integrity and purpose as contributing members of society.


Harvard-Westlake will endeavor to fulfill this mission by:

  • promoting an abiding regard for truth and excellence among its students;
  • recognizing that respect for other people, honesty, and courtesy are fundamental standards expected of everyone in the school community;
  • emphasizing logical analysis, clear language, and critical thinking throughout the curriculum;
  • fostering participation in a wide range of useful activities at school and in the larger community designed both to strengthen the self and to respond to the needs and feelings of others;
  • encouraging in its students the development of the self-reliance, independence, and moral strength that are requisites for the responsible exercise of freedom in the world that awaits them after they graduate.

Honor Code

As a member of the Harvard-Westlake school community:

I will let my conscience be my guide in my everyday actions and endeavors at Harvard-Westlake.

I will neither give nor receive unauthorized aid, as defined by my teacher both explicitly and implicitly, from any source on exams, homework, quizzes, papers, or any other academic endeavor.

I will not steal or violate others’ property, either academic or material.

I will not violate the person of others or the person of the school.

I will pledge my honesty to the school community, and I expect others to be responsible and to do the same.

On all my work, my name affirms my honor.

Students practicing for a dance concert; dance is one of many performing arts classes offered at Harvard-Westlake.