Harvard-Westlake Film Festival Selections Announced

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Harvard-Westlake Film Festival Selections Announced
Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014

25 films were recently selected for the Harvard-Westlake Film Festival, which will be held Friday, March 14, at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. 2014 marks the festival’s 11th year.

An all-time record of 215 films were submitted from all over California.Congratulations to the filmmakers!  

The selections are:

À Mon Père, directed by Anita Foroughi, FilmEd Academy of the Arts at Canyon High School

Anaerobe, directed by Danielle Stolz and Cosima Elwes, Harvard-Westlake School

Disconnect to Connect, directed by Sofia Barrett, Sydney Keys, Alice Levine, Troy Loizzo, Samantha Myman, Max Rolnick, and Kali Van Dusent, The Righteous Conversations Project

Epitaph, directed by Charles Blecker, SF Art & Film

Freedom from Fear, directed by Alana Feldman, Santa Monica High School

Iceberg, directed by Rachel Lin, SF Art & Film

In Fiction, directed by Andrew Robbin, SF Art & Film

International Boulevard, directed by Rebecca Dharmapalan and Zoë Simone Yi, Oakland School for the Arts

Kultakala, directed by Christian Flashman and Moss Perricone, Orange County High School of the Arts

Last Writes, directed by Anita Foroughi, FilmEd Academy of the Arts at Canyon High School

Marked, directed by Sam Rubin, SF Art & Film

Niblet: The Story of a Can, directed by Marvin Pham, FilmEd Academy of the Arts Program at Irvine High School

Notice the Change, directed by Marisa Hattler, Laura Lopez, Marcella Park, Lauren Rothman, and Jacob Salners, The Righteous Conversations Project

Open the Door, directed by Emma Bloom, Trey Carlisle, Dora Palmer, Sofia Servin, and Harrison Shea, The Righteous Conversations Project

Paradigm, directed by Stephen Boyer, La Salle High School

Press Start, directed by Luke Soon-Shiong and Keaton Heinrichs, Harvard-Westlake School and Brentwood School

Radioactive, directed by David Choi and Charles Schaefer, Providence High School

Rokt Lax, directed by Lukas Dong, Blair Academy

Seatbelt Monster, directed by Charles Schaefer, Providence High School

The Lingering War, directed by Delilah Napier, Harvard-Westlake School

The SAT Games, directed by Molly Cinnamon, Harvard-Westlake School

Trampons, directed by Kelly Shi, Palo Alto High School

What Saves Us, directed by Noa Schwartz and Lily Zweig, The Righteous Conversations Project

Wings of Peace, directed by Danielle Stolz, Harvard-Westlake School

You and Me, directed by Amanda Reiter, Harvard-Westlake School

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