Deans play a key part in the Harvard-Westlake experience. Our deans work with students and their families as academic and personal advisors throughout their six-year journey and strive to make every student’s experience a positive one.

Middle School Deans
At the middle school, there are six grade-level deans, two per grade. Two deans work exclusively with the new seventh grade class each year, helping students transition and feel at home in their new environment. The remaining four deans work in pairs and stay with a class for eighth and ninth grades, enabling the deans to provide stability, support, and continuity in the middle school years. The deans are resources for students, parents, and teachers, as they have a global view into the lives of their students.

Upper School Deans
Over the course of students’ three years at the upper school, their deans will assist them with the following:

  • Academic advising: Deans work with students individually throughout the year, not only to help select and schedule classes, but also to assist students with any academic challenges they may face.
  • College counseling: While discussions of college primarily take place junior and senior years, the deans also work with students sophomore year to help them set goals and identify and develop their passions. College counseling includes educating students and parents about the scope of colleges to which Harvard-Westlake students apply, as well as college admission standards, procedures, and trends. Because the college application process is different for each student at Harvard-Westlake, the deans offer individualized guidance.
  • Personal counseling: During a student’s tenure at the upper school, they may face personal issues that require attention. Deans serve as a resource to counsel or refer students, depending on the nature and severity of the issue. The deans are supported by the school psychologist and counselors when students need additional assistance.