If you’re a student thinking about applying to Harvard-Westlake, or a teacher considering working here, or a parent checking out possible schools for your child, we invite you to explore our virtual home.

The chances are good that you already have a mental picture of Harvard-Westlake or think you know something about the school.  Maybe your picture’s right, maybe it isn’t.  Maybe what you know is accurate, maybe it’s not.

For example, maybe you know that we’re a school with a large student body and that makes you think that Harvard-Westlake feels like a “big” school where it might be hard to get personal attention.  But with two campuses, neither one has more students than many schools.  And while it’s hard to make a "small" school "big," we’ve figured out how to make a "big" school "small."  It would simply be impossible for a school smaller than Harvard-Westlake to offer as broad an array of academic, athletic and artistic opportunities for its students.

Similarly, some people think that because of our academic reputation, we’re a school for only super-smart students.  We’re a school where many different kinds of students thrive – artists, scientists, poets, linguists, athletes, service leaders – you name it.  The common denominator among them is that they want to do well, they’re adventuresome, and they’re willing to try.  If you’re thinking about being a student at Harvard-Westlake, does that sound like you?  If you’re thinking about being a teacher at Harvard-Westlake, do those sound like the kinds of students you want to teach?

Harvard-Westlake is a great community.  This is where you can find out more, so make yourself at home here.  Find out. Explore. Enjoy.

Aerial view of the Middle School campus
Aerial view of the Middle School campus

Aerial view of Upper School campus
Aerial view of the Upper School campus