Middle School Campus

700 North Faring Road
Los Angeles, CA 90077

Upper School Campus

3700 Coldwater Canyon
Studio City, CA 91604

Feldman-Horn Studios
Feldman-Horn Studios is located on the upper school campus. This building will host our summer film programs.

Taper Gymnasium
Taper Gym is located on the upper school campus. It is the storied home of the championship Wolverine Basketball and Volleyball programs. The Basketball and Volleyball Camps will be held in this gym.

Ted Slavin Field
Ted Slavin Field is located on the upper school campus. Built in 2003, it features an NFL-caliber Field Turf surface and a synthetic track. It is the proud home of Wolverine Football, Soccer, Track & Field, Lacrosse, and Field Hockey. The following camps will be held on this field: Field Hockey, Football, Boys' & Girls' Soccer, and Boys' & Girls' Track & Field.

Copses Family Pool
Copses Family Pool is located on the upper school campus. It is the home of the Wolverine Swimming and Water Polo teams. This will be the location for Swimming camp and Water polo Camp.

Other Locations

O'Malley Family Field
The recently-renovated home of Wolverine Baseball, O'Malley Family Field is located in Encino, off of Louise Avenue and Oxnard Streets, next to Balboa Park. Please park only in the O'Malley Family Field parking lot located on the left just after you turn onto Oxnard St.  No parking is allowed on Oxnard St. or on any street in the adjacent neighborhood.  The Baseball camps will be held at this site.

Weddington Golf and Tennis
Weddington Golf and Tennis is home to Tennis Camp and Golf Camp. Located near the Upper School campus on Whitsett Blvd., the facility is easily accessible.