• Harvard-Westlake athletic programs are structured to balance the time commitments of practices, strength and conditioning training, competitions, and travel with academic responsibilities.
  • Harvard-Westlake strives to make it possible for students to participate in multiple athletic programs and co-curricular activities.
  • Harvard-Westlake athletic programs promote healthy habits of nutrition, appropriate rest, and strict adherence to school rules against the use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Harvard-Westlake provides opportunities and resources for students of all grades, genders, and abilities who wish to participate in athletics.


  • Harvard-Westlake defines athletic excellence by the quality of student experience as well as the level of team or individual achievement.
  • Harvard-Westlake offers a mixture of single-season, multiple-season, and year-round athletic programs for a range of abilities with varying time commitments consistent with the school’s philosophy for each program.
  • Harvard-Westlake maintains proper and productive relationships with outside club programs and coaches.
  • Harvard-Westlake’s admission process seeks qualified applicants who possess unusual athletic talent.


  • Good sportsmanship, strong character, and fair play are central to the Harvard-Westlake athletics philosophy and to the experience and expectations of all athletes.
  • Harvard-Westlake coaches and athletes exemplify the mission and values of the school to our community, to the broader public, and in every aspect of their programs.
  • Harvard-Westlake values school spirit while respecting teams and fans from other schools.


  • Teamwork and self-sacrifice for the collective good are central to the Harvard-Westlake athletic experience and are expected of all athletes.
  • Harvard-Westlake coaches and teachers partner to resolve time conflicts for students involved in athletics and demonstrate a shared commitment to their academic, athletic, and personal growth.
  • Harvard-Westlake coaches and parents partner to care for the well-being of our students and pursue our principles for sportsmanship, excellence, and balance.
  • Educational excellence at Harvard-Westlake combines academic and co-curricular endeavors, and we fulfill our mission through teamwork and mutual support among all programs and disciplines.