At Harvard-Westlake, we have more students who wish to be members of the Student-Athlete Leadership Council (SALC) than Program Heads are able to select to participate.  

Each candidate will be evaluated by their Program Head in the following categories:

  • Athletic Team Membership
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Involvement
  • Citizenship

Program Heads use these categories to identify and nominate candidates who will best satisfy our council goals of (1) creating the most competent and effective leadership council now and in the future, and (2) providing the most meaningful leadership experience possible for everyone involved.

Administrator and Coach Evaluations: Administrators will discuss candidates for the SALC with their coaches and, sometimes, other administrators. The student-athlete leadership program at Harvard-Westlake is predicated on the close working relationships students have with coaches and administrators.

Athletic Director Observations: We strive to get to know as many student-athletes as possible at Harvard-Westlake. We monitor practices, attend games and observe student-athletes as they interact with teammates, coaches and administrators. Further, we have the opportunity to observe students as they serve in other capacities of student leadership at Harvard-Westlake.  Although we obviously cannot observe every candidate equally or sometimes at all, we do believe that this information can be important and valuable, and we will take it into consideration when necessary in order to make a fair and complete selection.