Speak your mind this summer

Kids preparing for a zoom debate during our 2020 virtual program.
Debate LA creates a supportive environment where kids of all levels can improve their skills.
The MSPDP camp ends with a public debate where kids show the skills they learned.
Our advanced program provides individualized instruction for elite debaters.

Debate LA is a superior speech and debate program for students in grades 5 – 12. Since the program began in 2015, hundreds of campers have attended each summer. Debate LA is one of the only programs with options for novice debaters as well as elite, nationally competitive debaters. Our leadership team has numerous years of experience in summer debate camps as well as debate programs in both middle and high schools. This team takes as much care in creating the novice program as it does in creating the advanced labs. Regardless of level and experience, Debate LA will provide great teaching and coaching.