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How many students are admitted to each grade?
How many applications do you receive?
Are sibling and legacy applicants given special consideration?
From which schools do you choose most of your students?
How are students selected for admission?
How much weight does the Admission Committee give to test scores?
Does a student need to be a particular age to be considered for admission?
Harvard-Westlake is our first choice. Do we have to apply to another school?
When will we receive the school's decision?
Is admission to the upper school guaranteed for middle school students?
What happens if an application is late?
My child is a musician.  May I send in a sample performance CD?
Does Harvard-Westlake accept the CSSAD common recommendation and transcript request forms?
Does Harvard-Westlake accept international students?
What is tuition? What additional costs should be anticipated?
Is financial aid available?

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How much homework do students get each night?
How large are your classes?  What type of personalized attention do you provide?
When and where do students eat lunch?
What does Harvard-Westlake do to help new students adjust to a new school?
What is a free period?
Is there a uniform or dress code?
Does Harvard-Westlake have any religious affiliation?
What is the daily schedule?
Does Harvard-Westlake offer bus service to and from school?
Who attends school on each campus?
Are there adults at HW that students can go to with a problem or for advice?
How much opportunity to students get to participate in activities (clubs, sports, performing arts, etc.)?