Wolverines Playing in College

First Name Last Name Year College Gender Sport
Logan Simon 2014 Bowdoin Men's Baseball
Brian Ginsberg 2014 Brown Men's Baseball
Matt Beyer 2015 Brown Male Baseball
Cameron Deere 2016 Brown University Men's Baseball
Alex Horowitz 2013 Butler Men's Baseball
Austin Schoff 2013 Claremont McKenna Men's Baseball
Matt Karo 2014 Columbia Men's Baseball
Patrick Albarino 2016 Emory Men's Baseball
Jackson Grayson 2015 Emory Men's Baseball
Hans Hansen 2013 Emory Men's Baseball
Arden Pabst 2013 Georgia Tech Men's Baseball
Chase Aldridge 2015 Harvard University Men's Baseball
Jake Suddleson 2016 Harvard University Men's Baseball
Will Klink 2016 Johns Hopkins Men's Baseball
Casey Rosenfeld 2013 Kenyon College Men's Baseball
Golob Gabe 2016 Navy Men's Baseball
Leo Kaplan 2016 Northwestern Men's Baseball
McCabe Sly 2016 NYU Men's Baseball
Michael Vokulich 2014 NYU Men's Baseball
Sean Kiley 2014 Oberlin College Men's Baseball
Ezra Steinberg 2015 Oregon Men's Baseball
Paul Giacomazzi 2016 Rhodes Men's Baseball
Connor Cuse 2013 Stanford Men's Baseball
Julian Girod 2016 University of Chicago Men's Baseball
John Thomas 2016 USC Men's Baseball
Tyler Urbach 2014 USC Men's Baseball
Thomas Fuller 2015 Yale Men's Baseball
Teeana Cotangco 2015 Claremont McKenna Women's Basketball
Esther Lee 2011 Colorado Women's Basketball
Jay Kleinbart 2012 Emerson Men's Basketball
Michael Sheng 2014 Emerson College Men's Basketball
Lindsay Tse 2016 Emory Women's Basketball
Zena Edosomwan 2012 Harvard Men's Basketball
Derick Newton 2014 Stetson Men's Basketball
Josh Hearlihy 2012 Vermont Men's Basketball
Clinton Hooks 2013 Washington Universityin St. Louis Men's Basketball
Alex Copeland 2015 Yale Men's Basketball
Sabrina Zaks 2015 Columbia Women's Crew
Amiya Brown 2014 Hamilton Men's Crew
Ingrid Hung 2013 Penn Women's Crew
Ethan Drapac 2015 Santa Clara University Men's Crew
Johannessen Martine 2013 Stanford Women's Crew
Riley Spain 2015 Stanford Women's Crew
Isabelle Wolff 2016 University of Pennsylvania Women's Crew
Isabelle Wolff 2016 University of Pennsylvania Women's Crew
Ashley Wu 2013 Yale Women's Crew
Jack Stovitz 2016 Harvard University Men's Cross Country
Lizzy Thomas 2014 Harvard University Women's Cross Country
Aaron de Toledo 2012 Middlebury College Men's Cross Country
Ben Weissenbach 2015 Princeton Men's Cross Country
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If you are aware of a former Wolverine currently playing in college and that person is not represented on this list please contact Jason Kelly, Athletic Director at jkelly@hw.com.