Welcome to 2017 HW Summer, the premier school based summer program in Los Angeles.  We offer more than 130 classes and camps designed for students who want to explore their interests, participate in sports, delve into academics, and explore their artistic talents.

Summer is divided into five distinct programs:  North Faring Exploration, Coldwater Prep, Film, Debate LA, and Wolverine Sports.  Begin by browsing our five program areas and planning your summer.  Once you are ready to register, click on the Register Now button from the menu above or within the program page itself.

Parents and students consistently tell us that HW Summer is one of the best summer programs in Los Angeles.  Students come from all over Southern California, many other states, and even around the world to experience Harvard-Westlake.  We hope you will join as too.  If you have any question, we are here to help. 

  • Upper School Campus
    3700 Coldwater Canyon
    Studio City, CA 91604

    Coldwater PrepAcademic Program on the Upper School Campus for Grades 7 to 12. 
    Classes include:  Game design, money management, math, writing, English, and World language.  Also included are College Planning Classes as well as our widely popular HW Inc.

    Summer Film Learn How to Tell Your Story.
    Classes in film focus on how to tell a good story - from the concept to the execution.  Also, you can participate in our popular Righteous Conversations Project.

    Debate LAHarvard-Westlake Summer Debate is dedicated to providing access to a superior debate program for students in grades 5 -12.
    Our program includes all forms of debate.

  • Middle School Campus
    700 North Faring Road
    Los Angeles, CA 90022

    North Faring Exploration Academic and art enrichment on the Middle School Campus for grades 5, 6, and 7.
    North Faring Exploration is a great way to explore over the summer. Speech and debate, English, Gardening, Journalism, Performing Arts, Sports, STEM, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts are just a few topics you can discover.

  • Wolverine SportsWeeklong programs devoted to developing your athletic skills.
    Our sports camps are led by our varsity coaches and give you a taste of competitive high school athletics.  All skill levels are welcome; be prepared to push yourself.