It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Harvard-Westlake. Harvard-Westlake is a place of not only excellence but also of joy, purpose, inclusive community--and tremendous possibilities.

Harvard-Westlake has made a profound difference in my own life. It was here, as a young English teacher, soccer coach, and college counselor, that I found my calling as an educator. At Harvard-Westlake I realized the thrill of working with diverse, extraordinarily talented students and colleagues who are committed to accomplishing exciting and meaningful things together. And that’s what continues to motivate me today. Whether it’s in athletics, in the arts, in robotics, in journalism or debate, or in the classroom, students at Harvard-Westlake are engaged and inspired. Their minds are open and their lives are changed. That’s what I hope for you. 

Come discover Harvard-Westlake--and discover yourself.

Richard B. Commons
The Charles B. Thornton President of Harvard-Westlake

Richard B. Commons