Harvard-Westlake has always been committed to a holistic admission process, with the Admission Committee considering all aspects of an application file. With that in mind, Harvard-Westlake is continuing our test-optional policy for applicants applying in the 2022-2023 admission cycle for Fall entry 2023. This means that ISEE test scores are not required, though applicants may still choose to submit them. Test scores have always been just one of the factors we consider in gaining a clearer academic picture of each applicant. They provide an opportunity to present a student’s academic potential and preparedness, but this potential can also be represented in other parts of the application. We will not make any assumptions as to why some students may choose to submit a test score and some don't. There will be no penalty for choosing not to submit scores, and applicants who do not submit scores will not be disadvantaged in any way in our admission process. 

For students who choose to submit ISEE scores as part of their application, score reports must be submitted from tests taken between August 1, 2022 and January 13, 2023. You can register on the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) website, www.erblearn.org, and list Harvard-Westlake as a score recipient. Our school code is 052135.

For students who do take the ISEE, we recommend taking it only once. Per our policy, we will accept and review only one score report as part of the application. If the ISEE has been taken more than once, please be in contact with our office to share which test date score report you would like the committee to consider. If we do not hear from you by the application deadline, we will evaluate the score report with the test date closest to our application deadline.

Most students should not require any special preparation or tutoring for the ISEE.

Students can take the test at any test site, or ISEE Online At Home. ERB will provide test results directly to parents/guardians after the test is taken. The cost for the test and information about fee waivers are available on the ERB website.


Important ISEE Information

Updated 8/22/2022

Harvard-Westlake has historically hosted a sitting of the ISEE on campus. However, we will not be offering an on-campus test during the 2022-2023 admission cycle.

For information regarding alternative test sites, please contact ERB directly at:



You may have scores sent from any test site to Harvard-Westlake via our school code: 052135