Harvard-Westlake supports a robust financial aid program to attract and enroll the best students in Los Angeles. About 20% of our students receive financial aid. All grants include books and course-related materials, required athletic team clothing and equipment, school-related trips, and an account for use at the school bookstore and cafeteria. Students on aid are also eligible to apply for funds to cover academic study travel, leadership work, and other programs. All aid is need-based and customized to an individual family’s financial profile. Grants are determined by a family’s income and assets compared to the full cost of attending Harvard-Westlake. Thank you for your interest in our school; we invite you to learn more.

Financial Aid Estimator

The following estimator may give you an idea of what you may pay in tuition at our school. Harvard-Westlake understands that an individual family’s financial profile is unique. We work in partnership with applicants to tailor financial aid packages that are fair and reasonable to each family and to the school. The financial aid office makes the ultimate determination on eligibility and grants. Please contact our office with specific questions; we look forward to working with you.