Overall Record: 0 - 0
League Record: 0 - 0
Oct 21 (Sat) / 6:30 AM
ATOCSA Second Annual Fall Tournament (462B, 462R, 462V, 462X, 462Y, 462Z)
Oct 28 (Sat) / 6:30 AM
ATDamien Spartan (462A, 462C, 462M, 462Y, 462Z)
No Official Score
Nov 4 (Sat) / 6:30 AM
ATPumpkin Classic (462C, 462M, 462R, 462V, 462Y)
Nov 18 (Sat) / 6:30 AM
ATRumble in the Jungle (462A, 462B 462C, 462R, 462X, 462Z)
Dec 2 (Sat) / 7:00 AM
VSHarvard-Westlake Challenge (462A, 462B, 462R, 462V, 462X, 462Y, 462Z)
No Official Score
Dec 16 (Sat)
AT2.0 VEX Battle: Los Angeles Over Under
Irving STEAM Magnet
Jan 6 (Sat)
AT2.1 VEX Battle: Los Angeles "OverUnder" (462A)
No Official Score
Jan 13 (Sat)
ATSupernova Spectacular MS Event (462A, 462B, 462M, 462R, 462Z)
East Valley High School
No Official Score
Jan 20 (Sat)
ATRoundtable Robotics Challenge 2024 Over Under (462C, 462M, 462X, 462V, 462Y)
No Official Score
Jan 27 (Sat)
ATRolling Robots Orange County Tournament (462A, 462B, 462R, 462Z)
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Tustin, CA)
No Official Score
Feb 10 (Sat)
ATValentine's Day Classic (462A, 462B, 462R, 462Z)
Feb 11 (Sun)
ATRolling Robots Skills Only (462C, 462M, 462X, 462V, 462Y)
Rolling Robots
No Official Score
Mar 8 (Fri) / 8:00 PM
ATCA State MS Championships
Montgomery HS (San Diego, CA)
No Official Score
Mar 17 (Sun)
ATCA State Championship (462Z)
No Official Score
Apr 19 (Fri) / 4:00 PM
VS (Scrimmage)
No Official Score

Game times, dates, and locations are subject to change. When multiple games are played consecutively at the same site, the later game(s) may begin earlier than the scheduled time.

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