Information for Boarders

Each year, our boarding options fill quickly.  Participants enjoy spending the evenings with their peers working on assignments or simply hanging out in the dorms.  It is a great way to experience a college dorm while doing something enjoyable.  Some of our teachers reside in the dorms as well, and students enjoy having them around.  Unlike other debate camps, Harvard-Westlake Summer Debate does not have after dinner classes.  Once returning to UCLA, students have the rest of the day to relax, complete assignments, workout, or spend time with new friends.

Boarding students will stay at UCLA De Neve Plaza right on the campus of UCLA.  Each day, comfortable busses will shuttle students from UCLA to Harvard-Westlake for the debate program.  In the evenings, students will return to UCLA with plenty of time for dinner and relaxing.

Boarding participants will need to complete an additional release form as part of the registration process as well as an information form providing us details about your travel plans to Los Angeles.  YOU WILL BE GIVEN ACCESS TO THE TRAVEL PLANS FORM ON JUNE 5.  You will also agree to abide by the rules set by Harvard-Westlake and UCLA.  You can see the dorm rules here.

Here are some  frequently asked questions about the boarding program:

  1. What airport do I use? How will I get from the airport to UCLA? What are the arrangements for getting back to the airport?

    When making your travel arrangements, please be sure to fly in and out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  You will need to arrive on Sunday, July 16 for the two-week Flagship Session.  Please plan to arrive at LAX between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.  A Harvard-Westlake Staff Member will meet you when you enter baggage claim and help you transfer to the shuttle.

    On Saturday, July 29, please plan on departing LAX between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  We will arrange for shuttles back to the airport from UCLA in plenty of time for checking in to a flight.

    Please note, only debate participants can travel on the shuttle. Parents and other people traveling with the student are not able to ride on our shuttle.

  2. What if my parents are planning to drop me off at and pick me up from UCLA?

    If you are going to arrive by car to UCLA, please plan on being dropped off between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM on Sunday, July 16.  The address for De Neve Plaza is 351 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90024.  When you arrive, look for Harvard-Westlake Debate staff in the lobby of the dorm.  The front desk can help you locate us if you need help.

    On Saturday, July 29, please plan on being picked up between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  UCLA requires participants to check out in the morning on the day they leave.

  3. Can I request a roommate?

    Rooms are double occupancy.  You may request a roommate on the Debate Boarding Information Form.  Every attempt will be made to grant roommate requests though we cannot guarantee that every request will be accommodated.  You will increase your chances of having your roommate request granted if both you and your roommate only request each other.

  4. What happens on the first night in the dorms?

    Once you arrive at UCLA, our dorm staff will help you check in and find your room.  You will have a chance to meet your roommate, settle in, and get some dinner.  Later in the evening, all participants will meet with the dorm staff to review dorm rules, policies, and procedures.  After that, you will have the evening free to relax and get ready for the first full day of debate camp.

  5. What is the schedule for boarders? How is it different than the schedule for day students?

    The time at Harvard-Westlake in the debate program is identical for both day and boarding students.  Boarders, though,  need to wake up in time to eat breakfast and meet the bus.

    7:00 AM:  Wake up and eat breakfast in the UCLA Cafeteria
    8:00 AM:  Meet the bus in front of De Neve Lobby to travel to Harvard-Westlake Upper School.
    9:00 AM:  Camp Begins.  Lunch provided by Harvard-Westlake.  You can request a regular lunch, vegetarian lunch or gluten free lunch.
    5:00 PM:  Camp Ends.  Boarders meet the bus at Harvard-Westlake to return to UCLA.
    6:00 PM:  Arrival at UCLA.  Time to relax, eat dinner in the UCLA Cafeteria, and/or workout.
    8:00 PM:  Staff available for  homework help in the dorms
    10:00 PM:  All participants must be in the dorms for the evening
    11:00 PM:  All participants must be in their rooms for lights out.

  6. What activities will happen on the weekend?

    Debate camp is an intense experience, and you will be working hard throughout the week.  The weekend is a time for you to rest, relax, and recharge.  We will have activities on Saturday and Sunday.  You are also free to remain at the dorms and hang out at UCLA.  Boarding students who live close are able to return home.

  7. Will there be air conditioning in the dorm rooms? What about other amenities?

    The rooms in De Neve Plaza at UCLA are double occupancy with private bath in each room.  Rooms include: Air Conditioning, Cable TV, Housekeeping Services, All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast and Dinner, Access to UCLA facilities. More information can be found on the UCLA Conference Services website.

  8. What do I need to pack? Linens? Towels?

    Students staying at UCLA do not need to bring linens, pillows, blankets or towels. UCLA provides those items.  Each person has different needs when away from home, but here are some things to consider.  Students have access to recreational facilities. If you would like to swim or play any sports, you should bring appropriate attire.  Evenings do get chilly, but it will be warm during the days.  UCLA also provides shampoo and soap. The bookstore is also close to the dorm in case something else is needed.

  9. What is the dress code for camp? Will I need to dress-up for anything?

    Students can wear casual clothing throughout the entire program.  We will not have any events that require you to dress up.

  10. Will there be chaperones at UCLA? How about security?

    In addition to the debate program staff that live at UCLA, there will be additional dorm staff who are responsible for your safety and well-being while in the dorms.  The Resident Staff will also provide programming on the weekends.  UCLA has very strong security and provides stringent access control to the dorms. Campus police patrol all the dorms through the evening.

  11. What is the contact number to use during the boarding program?

    Harvard-Westlake Dorm Staff and be contacted at (818)403-0111.  You may also use this number on the travel day.  Harvard-Westlake staff will monitor this phone beginning Sunday, July 16 and ending on Saturday, July 29.  At other times, please contact the Harvard-Westlake Summer Office with questions.