HW Alums help coach future entrepreneurs in HW Inc.
In the summer, students have access to all Harvard-Westlake has to offer.
Kids enjoying themselves while preparing for AP French.
Even during the pandemic in 2020, our art students created unique pieces.
Building robots is a great way to learn engineering.
Students work together to solve a technical problem with their robot.
Fun with Arduinos, a great way to practice programming and engineering.
Group problem solving, a fun way to develop leadership.

Coldwater Prep
Academics and Arts
Grade 7 - 12

Upper School Campus
3700 Coldwater Canyon
Studio City, CA

North Faring Exploration
Academics, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts
Grade 5 - 7
Visual Arts
Grade 8 - 10

700 N Faring Rd.
Los Angeles, CA