Working directly with our programming experts, students learn to develop their coding prowess.
Want to crack the #girlsCODE? Sign your child up for our HW Computer Programming course today!
Hands-on learning teaches these kids how to build large structures.
Future Mozart? Future Beethoven? Future Bach? This Wolverine enjoys learning the classics.
English Essentials is a fun way to improve your skills.
Enjoy yourself while taking our academic enrichment classes.
Watch your child’s creativity take shape by enrolling in our HW Summer (Ceramics) Art Course.
Math is more than numbers, and Math Gems teaches kids how math can be used for design.

Coldwater Prep
Academics and Arts
Grade 7 - 12

Upper School Campus
3700 Coldwater Canyon
Studio City, CA

North Faring Exploration
Academics, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts
Grade 5 - 7
Visual Arts
Grade 8 - 10

Middle School Campus
700 N Faring Rd.
Los Angeles, CA