Enjoy yourself while taking our academic enrichment classes.
Math is more than numbers, and Math Gems teaches kids how math can be used for design.
Working directly with our programming experts, students learn to develop their coding prowess.
Learn how to code this summer in one of our STEM offerings.
Kids come each day excited to learn new ideas and are given time to develop them.
Create your own playlist in electronic music.
Teachers provide lots of one-on-one time during our summer math courses.
HW Summer takes pride in advancing STEM based learning to train our next generation of innovators.

Coldwater Prep
Academics and Arts
Grade 7 - 12

Upper School Campus
3700 Coldwater Canyon
Studio City, CA

North Faring Exploration
Academics, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts
Grade 5 - 7
Visual Arts
Grade 8 - 10

Middle School Campus
700 N Faring Rd.
Los Angeles, CA