Why Give Back to HW?
It’s not easy to give away your financial resources in general, and why to your high school?  Most alumni/ae give back because they have appreciation for and fond memories of their high school experience, particularly of teachers and/or special academic or cocurricular programs that inspired them, made them who they are today. Many want to pay it forward and provide opportunities to future students who may not have access to the same resources. 

Why do you give back to HW? Please let us know here.

Participation and Loyalty
A gift of any amount-whether it's $5, our median gift of $100, or beyond-is a meaningful way to to participate in the advancement of the HW community. It shows your gratitude for and loyalty to Westlake, Harvard, or Harvard-Westlake and lets the community know that you are invested in the school's future. HW for Life!

Please consider establishing your philanthropy and support HW annually starting this year by making a gift online or via Venmo @HWAlumni.

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