Mission School Transportation is a subsidiary of Student Transportation, Inc. (STI).  STI is the third largest school bus contractor in North America with operations throughout the United States and Canada.  STI operates over 1200 buses in California.  The company is focused on safety in all aspects of its operations from bus maintenance to routing and bus stop locations to driver selection, screening and training.  Mission School Transportation will continue the tradition of providing the best-of-the-best drivers for Harvard-Westlake routes.  To reach the Mission School Transportation Dispatch Office, please call 323-421-7914 or 323-225-7000 (ext. 1). If you have security concerns, please contact Jim Crawford, Director of HW security, at 818-601-3558.

Driver Issues

As safety is our first concern, we ask that all driver issues not be discussed with the driver but instead with Megan Remo, Student Logistics Manager at busservice@hw.com. Discussing issues/problems with the driver can cause undue stress. We need our drivers focused on getting our students to school safely and on time. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Drivers' Request

Bus riders need to arrive at their stops at least five minutes before the posted departure time. Please have your student waiting at the bus stop prior to the arrival of the bus.  Please keep in mind that buses need to leave on time in order to stay on schedule. Expect delays due to weather or heavier than normal traffic conditions.

Drop-off Information

For parents who pick up their child at their afternoon drop-off point, the bus will not wait until all students are picked up safely.  The driver will drop off students and leave without waiting. This will ensure that the route continues to run without delay to the remaining drop-off points.

Neighborhood Relations Request

In order to minimize traffic around the residential areas, please carpool to bus stops when possible.  Please do not block residents' driveways when dropping students off.  Please keep noise to a minimum when waiting at bus stops, and be respectful of the surrounding properties.

Frequently Asked Questions