While not endorsing the practice, the school recognizes there may be instances when families find it convenient for students to use a third-party ridesharing service (e.g., HopSkipDrive, Uber). The decision to do so rests exclusively with each family, and parents are strongly encouraged to review the operating policies and safety records of these services prior to student use. Harvard‑Westlake does not have a relationship or program with any ridesharing services and will not screen, monitor, or otherwise review or assess the safety of any ridesharing service or any ridesharing driver or vehicle. If you allow your child to be dropped off or picked up at school by a ridesharing service, you expressly acknowledge that Harvard‑Westlake and its employees have no responsibility for your decision and have no responsibility or liability to you or your child related to the ridesharing service. With that said, any parents who decide to allow their child to be dropped off or picked up at school or at any school-related activity by a ridesharing service, and any student that is dropped off or picked up at school or any school-related activity by a ridesharing service, must meet the following requirements:

  • drop-off at the start, or pick-up at the end, of the regular academic day— any ridesharing use in this context must have been discussed and agreed upon between the student and parents in advance
  • for early pick-up—written parental authorization must be on file with the school and is valid for that day only
  • at the end of an off-campus activity (e.g., field trip, sports game) if the group isn’t required to return to campus following the activity—written parental authorization permitting their child to use ridesharing services must be on file with the school (students are not permitted to use a ridesharing service to travel to an off-campus activity)

At the middle school, all rideshare vehicles must enter through the gate adjacent to the security kiosk, where drivers are asked to await instructions from security personnel. The waiting area for rideshare vehicles is across from the security kiosk, to the right of the Harvard‑Westlake sign.

At the upper school, all rideshare vehicles are directed to the north entrance. No rideshare pick-up or drop-off is authorized to take place at the main entrance, at the Hacienda Drive entrance, or along Coldwater Canyon. Students must wait for rideshare vehicles at the designated student waiting area between the running track and the base of the staircase leading up to the cafeteria. Students must wait to get into the rideshare vehicle until the car has made its way up to the pick‑up area.