Click to view:  Middle School or Upper School.  Breakdowns, traffic delays, variations in weather, etc. are inevitable and may cause departures from schedule. To get accurate updates on delayed buses, please call the Mission Transportation dispatch office at 323-225-7000, extension 1. 

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Middle School Bus Drivers
Middle School Bus Drivers
Upper School Bus Drivers
Upper School Bus Drivers


Please make certain that your child is at the morning pick-up point at least 5 minutes early. The bus driver cannot wait for stragglers and is responsible for getting the other students to school safely and on time so your child should be standing at the bus stop prior to its arrival. Do not flag down or "pull over" the bus if you have missed it as such attempts create the potential for a serious traffic accident.


Harvard-Westlake standards (outlined in the Student Handbook) apply on the bus as well. Drivers are authorized to take the ID cards of any student whose conduct is inappropriate or a threat to safety. The matter will be reported to the student's dean for possible further action. In case of suspension from the bus, you will be responsible for the transportation of your child (and will not receive a refund).


Be sure to review the School Bus Safety Rules and Guidelines with your child.


All riders must carry their ID card (with bus sticker affixed) with them whenever they ride the bus.  Stickers are available in the Bookstore and should be applied to the upper right hand corner of the ID card (new students will receive their ID cards and bus stickers along with their books). If a replacement ID card is needed, it may be purchased in the Bookstore. Students may also use the smart phone enabled HW ID Card App available at hw.com/apps.

2019-20 FEE

$2,600 (US riders pay only $1,300; with Harvard-Westlake covering the difference). The fee is billed on your child’s September 1 statement. 


Contact Roxy Piaskowski at rpiaskowski@hw.com or email busservice@hw.com.