Mission Statement

The Harvard-Westlake Peer Tutoring Program is a student-run organization founded with the intent to create a comfortable environment equipped to provide tools for the academic success of all Harvard-Westlake students. 

General Program Information

Peer tutoring is a service offered to all Harvard-Westlake students that provides an array of services to the community. Students can be tutored in Math, Science, History, and World Languages. By working with departments, we ensure that we are giving quality and Honor Code-compliant assistance to students. 

Each tutor is selected via an application process in which a teacher recommendation and a personal statement about why they want to become a peer tutor are required. Furthermore,  Mr. Visaiz provides guidance to tutors and student leaders to ensure they are equipped to best help their peers. 

In addition to tutoring the Harvard-Westlake curriculum, sessions to help students with study skills and organization are offered. The program is entirely student-run because alternative environments in which to learn can be vastly beneficial to our education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Peer Tutor? 
The HW Peer Tutoring Program is back and we are looking for tutors! If you want to help your classmates academically in the history, science, math, and world language fields, please fill out this Google Form.

Are there community service hours available? 
We are looking into getting community service hours and will update you as soon as we find out. However, we don’t want hours to be a primary incentive for students to join the program.