Sport psychology focuses on training the student-athlete’s mind like training any other muscle in the body. An athlete’s psychological state has a direct effect on sport performance, making it an essential training component. The ultimate goal is is to support student-athletes in gaining a mental edge over competitors and develop unshakeable confidence.

HW sport psychology provides holistic and individualized mental skills training to meet the specific needs of athletes and teams. Mental skills training provides an in-depth understanding of specific tools that athletes learn, practice, and master in order to perform consistently in practice and competition.

Areas of sport psychology training include, but are not limited to:

  • Building confidence
  • Support student-athlete mental health
  • Developing overall mental skills
  • Playing “in the zone”
  • Maintaining consistency in practice and competition
  • Managing performance anxiety
  • Overcoming mental roadblocks
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Leadership development
  • Preventing and managing burnout
  • Injury recovery
  • Team cohesion 
Program Head
  • Kat Scardino
    Kat Scardino
    Sports Psychology
    Kat Scardino
    Kat Scardino

    Sports Psychology

    HW Sport Psychology is led by Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) Kat Scardino, who is trained at the graduate level in sport and clinical psychology. Kat is passionate about working with both athletes and coaches in developing ideal mindsets and training environments for optimal performance. Her focus on working with youth athletes is rooted in the belief that long term success in sport and life is developed through resilience, balance, and enjoyment.