Nutrition underpins every aspect of sports performance. The way athletes fuel their bodies has a significant impact on strength, speed, fitness, mental skills, recovery, menstrual health, body composition, and energy balance. Having adequate nutrition is absolutely crucial to successful physical performance.

But, more importantly, athletes are students and people first, and nutrition plays a key role in academic success, mental health, emotional well being, and body confidence. HW Sports Nutrition exists to support our student athletes not only on the field and in the weight room, but also in the classroom, at home, and in social settings. We believe that every student athlete deserves to be fueled and supported holistically, and we strive to provide a positive setting for athletes to learn to fuel their bodies without judgment.

HW Sports Nutrition offers team based nutrition education, classroom education, 1 on 1 nutrition counselling, and support for game day nutrition.

Our services aim to help student-athletes:

  • understand how much food they need
  • ensure they consume enough macro and micro nutrients to support health & performance
  • learn how their bodies respond to various foods
  • develop body confidence
  • learn more about menstrual health and how it relates to nutrition
  • feel confident in their nutritional choices
  • utilize on campus food services to fuel their bodies
  • prioritize sleep
  • prioritize mental health
  • learn how to select and prepare food for themselves if needed
  • feel supported and encouraged to care for themselves mentally and physically