Harvard-Westlake’s mission statement highlights the four core values that define the Harvard-Westlake experience.

Harvard-Westlake strives to be
a diverse and inclusive community united by
the joyful pursuit of educational excellence,
living and learning with integrity,
and purpose beyond ourselves.


Our Visions for 2020 describe how we will fulfill our mission while emphasizing our core values.

The pursuit of excellence will remain a defining element of the Harvard-Westlake experience.

Happiness and balance will become primary values in the HW culture and in shaping the experience of students.

Our commitment to inclusion will enable every member of our community to feel an equal sense of belonging.

Faculty will nurture, inspire, and challenge all students through ongoing commitment to engaging pedagogy, curricular innovation, and professional growth.

Harvard-Westlake will find new ways to serve Los Angeles and earn the trust of our neighbors.

A commitment to character will be an essential and recognizable part of every pursuit of excellence.


Harvard-Westlake’s academic community is defined by our Honor Code.

As a member of the Harvard-Westlake school community:

I will let my conscience be my guide in my everyday actions and endeavors at Harvard-Westlake.

I will neither give nor receive unauthorized aid, as defined by my teacher both explicitly and implicitly, from any source on exams, homework, quizzes, papers, or any other academic endeavor.

I will not steal or violate others’ property, either academic or material.

I will not violate the person of others or the person of the school.

I will pledge my honesty to the school community, and I expect others to be responsible and to do the same.

On all my work, my name affirms my honor.