The Harvard-Westlake Film Festival is now WestFlix!

After 13 years we have changed our name to better reflect what we are - a showcase for the best teen films in all of California. This year we feature 15 films from 13 different schools/programs. You won't want to miss them!

WestFlix is a two day event that took place on March 18 and 19, 2016. The festival screening was March 18, 7 pm at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood with Aaron Sorkin as guest speaker. On March 19, 9:30 am - 3:00 pm we hosted The Day After at Harvard-Westlake which was open to ALL high school film students and their teachers. 

Below you can find links to all the films we screened this year. Next year's festival will take place in March 2017. 

Astro, Naught, 3:28, Audience Award

Sacha Lin and Katie Speare, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

Daggers and Daguerreotypes, 8:55, Lizzie Awards for Production Design and Directing

Natalia Ferrara, LACHSA, Los Angeles

Dear America, 6:38, Lizzie Award for Writing

Gabrielle Gorman, New Roads School, Santa Monica

Dooble: The Small Winged Quail, 7:49, Lizzie Award for Sound Design

Marcus Emery, Saratoga High School, Saratoga

Embargo on Love, 6:34

Lauren Rothman, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

III, 2:21

Izabella Garcia, Echo Park Film Center, Cortines High School of the Visual and Performing Arts, Los Angeles

Lamplight, 4:56

Jared Gentile, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

Lead and Shrooms, 5:06, Lizzie Award for Originality

Max Wehner, Troy High School, Fullerton

Lola & Elaine, 5:08, Directors' Choice Award

Tia Mayer, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Lucky Numbers, 9:47, Lizzie Award for Best Overall

Chester Milton, LACHSA, Los Angeles

The Story of Three Rings: A Memoir of Dana Schwartz, 8:22, Humanitarian Award

Felix Audelio-Ruiz, Juli Freedman, Elly Hong, Carolina Martinez, and Dora Schoenberg, The Righteous Conversations Project (with students from Harvard-Westlake, Studio City; Immaculate Heart, Los Angeles; John Adams Middle School, Santa Monica)

Untitled Documentary Project, 5:20

Robert Gordon, El Toro High School, Lake Forest

When a Man Texts a Woman, 8:37

Jack Stovitz, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

Whip It, 6:05, The Sally Menke Award for Editing

Jaxon Schriever, Orange County School of the Arts, Santa Ana

Wolf, 5:46, Lizzie Award for Cinematography

Bridger Hart, Orange County School of the Arts, Santa Ana

To submit films next year visit FilmFreeway and put us on your watch list to receive an automatic notification when we open submissions for 2017. 





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