Date: March 20, 2009

Venue: ArcLight Cinerama Dome, 800 seats

Submissions: 150

Guest Speaker: Tom Hanks

Judges: Producer Jeb Brody (Little Miss Sunshine), director Larry Charles (Borat), producer Martha De Laurentiis (Hannibal), producer Bill Gerber (Gran Torino), director Oliver Stone (Platoon), actress/producer Rita Wilson (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), festival founder Elizabeth Yale

Directors: Lauren Bailey and Jon Haile

Advisers: Cheri Gaulke and Ted Walch

Cheaters Never Prosper, 3:47, Festival Directors’ Choice
Adam Lee and Steven Moyer, directors, Valhalla High School

Untouchable, 9:00, Humanitarian Award
Jack Heston and Justin Levine, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Much Ado About Goblins, 8:28
Jesse Allis and Gabriel Rosenstein, directors, Crossroads School

A True War Story, 9:00, Lizzie Award for Cinematography
Kyle Kleinbart, director, Harvard-Westlake School

Heaven Forbid, 5:20, Lizzie Award for Story/Writing
Dylan McCollum, director, Crossroads School

All is Full of Love, 5:00, Founder’s Award
Ashton Moio, Wayne Dalglish and Jeffrey Rudolph, directors, Chaminade High School

Care, 1:10
Romina D’Alessandro, director, Harvard-Westlake School

How to Save a Life, 4:02, Lizzie Award for Originality
Joe Sill, director, Irvine High School

Hand the Ball, 11:14, Lizzie Award for Acting
Quan Worthwealth, director, Cleveland High School

Arterial Deposition in Thought and Being, 6:14, Lizzie Award for Editing
Mason Shefa, director, Oakwood School

Conflict in the Middle Table, 8:42, Lizzie Award for Directing
Michael Diamant and Michael Stampler, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Thriller, 6:27, Lizzie Award for Cinematography
Josh Dixon, director, El Dorado High School

Water Damage, 11:09, Lizzie Award for Best Overall
Kellen Moore, director, Moorpark High School

2009 filmmakers.
Guest speaker Tom Hanks.
"Much Ado About Goblins" directors Jesse Allis and Gabriel Rosenstein with Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks with founder Liz Yale, festival directors Jon Haile and Lauren Bailey, and faculty advisers Cheri Gaulke and Ted Walch.
HW Chief Advancement Officer Ed Hu, founder Liz Yale and Tom Hanks.
2009 poster designed by Kevin O'Malley inspired by Hanks' film "Castaway."
Tom Hanks with "A True War Story" director Kyle Kleinbart.
"Untouchable" directors Justin Levine and Jack Heston with Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks with "Arterial Deposition in Thought and Being" director Mason Shefa.
Tom Hanks with "How to Save a Life" director Joe Sill.