Date: March 24-25, 2017

Venue: ArcLight Hollywood, 410 seats

Submissions: 268

Guest Speakers: Kate Beckinsale P’17 (Love and Friendship, Underworld: Blood Wars, Pearl Harbor) and Michael Sheen P’17 (Frost/Nixon, Midnight in Paris, Masters of Sex)

Red Carpet Hosts: Jillian Sanders '17 and Nick Witham '17

Judges: Caroline Aaron P'14 (21 Jump Street), Peter Baxter P'16 '19 (Slamdance), Michael Chiklis P'12 '17 (The Shield), Steve Danton P'17 '22 (Thelma and Louise), Ellen Goldsmith-Vein P'22 (The Gotham Group), Nick Lieberman '11 (Godless), Elizabeth Yale Marsh '04 (festival founder), Crash McCreery P'17 (Rango), Tim Ryan (Rotten Tomatoes), Darren Stein '89 (Jawbreaker), Sarah Timberman P'16'20 (Masters of Sex), Eric Zumbrunnen P'16 (Her)

Day After Workshop Leaders: Kate Beckinsale P'17 (Underworld: Blood Wars), Mike Fenton (Chinatown, Adam Fogelson P'22 (STX Entertainment Motion Picture Group), Crash McCreery, Michael Sheen, Jojo Villanueva (music supervisor Straight Outta Compton) 

Directors: Mila Danton '17, James Kanoff '17, Lauren Rothman '17, Jillian Sanders '17, Nick Witham '17

Advisers: Cheri Gaulke, Kevin O'Malley, Alyssa Sherwood, Ted Walch

Watch the live from the red carpet stream here >

August Beach, 10:00, Righteous Conversations Project Social Justice Award, Audience Award
Leyah Barris, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

Birdman 5:00, Lizzie Award for Originality
Yixing Li, Yixuan (Maisie) Luo, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild 

The Glass Ceiling, 3:00
Stacey Chen, Saratoga High School, Saratoga

Graveyard for Goldfish, 5:00
Mila Danton, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

I Know You Know, 6:59, Directors' Choice Award (selected by the student directors of WestFlix)
Natalie Ferrara, Brian Niles, Riley Street, LA County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles

La Fortezza, 8:40
Julia Elihu, Gabriel Gaurano, Shonwoo Kim, Tia Mayer, Kalani Newman, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego

Listen: A Personal Essay, 3:00, Sally Menke Award for Editing
Omar Ahmed, Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach

Miles Away, 2:19, Lizzie Award for Production Design
Lily Lizotte, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, Santa Monica

The Party, 2:33
Jillian Sanders, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

Peace by Piece: The Story of Harry Davids, 7:05
Xenia Bernal, Becca Frischling, Cooper Lichacz, Kyle Reims, Dora Schoenberg, Nicole Soussana, Benji Tucker, Carina Yiu, Righteous Conversations Project/Harvard-Westlake Summer Film/Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Piping Hot, 7:19, Founder's Award (selected by Liz Yale, founder of WestFlx)
Miles Millikan, LA County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles

Puget Sound, 9:55
Jack Nordstrom, Harvard-Westlake, Studio City

Sanctus, 5:39, Lizzie Award for Directing, Lizzie Award for Musical Score (to Milo Mitchell)
Charles Wyson, LA County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles

The Test, 1:15, Humanitarian Award
Jacob Adivi, Ben Schaffer, Rene Servin, Faiz Shamji, Righteous Conversations Project/Harvard-Westlake Summer Film/Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Tilting at Windmills, 9:03, Lizzie Award for Best Overall, Lizzie Award for Writing, Lizzie Award for Cinematography (to Violet Smith), Lizzie Award for Acting (to Chase Wilmot)
Jack Andreas, LA County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles

Two of a Kind, 8:30
Charles Blecker, SF Art & Film, San Francisco