Date: March 15, 2013

Venue: ArcLight Cinerama Dome, 800 seats

Submissions: 150

Guest Speaker: Alejandro González Iñárritu

Red Carpet Host: Jacob Soboroff

Judges: Lee Batchler and Janet Scott Batchler (Batman Forever), Nicole Brown (Whip It), Roger Corman (The Little Shop of Horrors), Norman Lear (All in the Family), Rika Nakanishi (Lost in Translation), Tim Ryan (Rotten Tomatoes), festival founder Elizabeth Yale

Workshop Leaders: Caroline Aaron (21 Jump Street), Janet Scott Batchler (Batman Forever), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel), Stacey Snider (Dreamworks)

Directors: Natalie Markiles, Rebecca Moretti, Patric Verrone

Advisers: Cheri Gaulke, Kevin O'Malley, Ted Walch

Watch the live from the red carpet video here >

Armed with Love, 6:50, Directors Choice Award
Charles Schaefer, Alex Trevino, directors, Providence High School

Cemetery Weather, 4:12
Karina Alvarado, director, Orange County School of Arts

Change Our Future, :56
Brian Hart, Mark Estefanos, directors, Marina High School/FilmEd* Academy of the Arts

Diary of a Doormat, 2:18, Lizzie Award for Originality of Concept
Adam Velazquez, director, Woodbridge High School/ FilmEd* Academy of the Arts

Different Drummer, 2:02
Nikta Mansouri, J.J. Spitz, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Dried Fruit, 4:53, Founder's Award
Geraldo Ascencio, Eddie Mercado, Chanel Samson, directors, Providence High School

Duel, 4:10, Lizzie Award for Use of Music
Anna Papitto, director, SF Art & Film

Finding Erica Jones, 4:37, Lizzie Award for Best Overall, Audience Award 
Natalie Markiles, director, Harvard-Westlake Summer Film

Found in Translation, 3:11
Matthew Ware, director, Santa Monica High School/L.A. County ROP

History Lesson, 1:16
Murielle Alconcel, Adi Alouf, Trey Carlisle, Karenina Juarez, Sawyer Kroll, Crystal Tran, Grace Waronker, directors, The Righteous Conversations Project

In the Home, 6:07
Stephanie Delazeri, director, CAP (Community Arts Partnership) Eagle Rock Sony Pictures Media Arts Program

Kaleidoscope, 4:31
Wilma Ramirez, director, Bell High School

Post Remembrance, 3:36, The Sally Menke Award for Editing
Cosi Elwes, Hana Kateman, Danielle Stolz, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Seek the Truth, 1:22, Humanitarian Award
Sofia Barrett, Purag Moumdjian, directors, The Righteous Conversations Project

Shake It Out, 5:37, Lizzie Award for Directing
Brian Hart, director, Marina High School/FilmEd* Academy of the Arts

Signed with Love, 1:36, Lizzie Award for Cinematography
Lisa Xie, director, University High School

Siren, 5:41, Lizzie Award for Acting
Charlie Blecker, director, SF Art & Film

Spark of Inspiration, 1:06
Elina Mushinskaya, director, Taft High School

The Horror, 4:12, Lizzie Award for Experimental
Stephanie Delazeri, director, CAP (Community Arts Partnership) Eagle Rock Sony Pictures Media Arts Program

House of Time, 6:33
Rebecca Moretti, director, Harvard-Westlake School

The Little Mermaid, 6:22, Lizzie Award for Sound Design
Patric C.W. Verrone, director, Harvard-Westlake School

Voodoo Child, 4:56, Lizzie Award for Writing
Joe Kitaj, Roz Naimi, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Zeroes, 5:46
Kristi Claes, Brian Dunn, directors, El Dorado/Film Ed* Academy of the Arts

The Seek the Truth creative team including Purag Moumdjian, Holocaust survivor Helen Freeman, and Sofia Barrett are interviewed by Jacob Soboroff.
Film Festival Directors Rebecca Moretti, Patric Verrone, and Natalie Markiles welcome the audience.
Guest Speaker Alejandro Iñárritu (Babel) addresses the crowd.
Filmmakers introduce themselves after the show.
Charles Schaefer (Armed with Love) smiles with Alejandro Iñárritu.
Post-Remembrance team Danielle Stolz, Cosima Elwes, Hana Kateman, David Woldenberg, and Marianne Verrone pose with Alejandro Iñárritu.
Stephanie Delazari (The Horror, In the Home) accepts her award from Alejandro Iñárritu.
2013 poster designed by Alexander Haney