Date: April 21, 2006

Venue: Rugby Theater, 340 seats

Submissions: 92

Guest Speaker: Jamie Lee Curtis '76

Judges: actor Paul Dooley (A Mighty Wind), writer/producer Winnie Holzman (My So-Called Life), director Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill), producer Marc Platt (Legally Blonde), actress Sela Ward (Once and Again)

Directors: Max Freedman and Cathy Pitoun

Advisers: Cheri Gaulke and Ted Walch

Missing Pieces, 7:21, Lizzie Award for Use of Sound
Alex Wilk, director, Harvard-Westlake School

The Unborn, 2:53
Martine Syms, director, Echo Park Film Center

Where They Belong, 3:34
Rob Uslan and Harry Rimalower, directors, Oakwood School

Stage One, 5:52
Jesse Fremont Allis, director, Crossroads School

Cummings, 6:01
Jackson Kroopf, director, Harvard-Westlake School

Evolve, 3:03
Kyle Goodrich, director, Campbell Hall

Safety in Numbers, 12:59, Lizzie Award for Originality
Max Freedman and Jackson Kroopf, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Of No Consequence, 9:11, Lizzie Award for Cinematography
Zoë Kent, director, Marlborough School

Worth a Shot, 4:42
Josh Margolin and Alex Wilk, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Quick Draw, 1:53, Lizzie Award for Use of Music
Joshua Martin, director, Cleveland High School

Lost, 7:07, Lizzie Awards for Directing, Editing and Best Overall Film
Michael Larson, director, Crossroads School

Semi-Formal, 6:38, Lizzie Awards for Acting and Story/Writing
Sam Alper and Josh Margolin, directors, Harvard-Westlake School

Dream Job, 5:11
Melanie Shaw, director, Santa Monica High School

2006 festival poster designed by Kevin O'Malley featuring Jamile Lee Curtis' '76 Westlake school picture.
Festival directors Max Freedman and Cathy Pitoun, speaker Jamie Lee Curtis, and advisers Cheri Gaulke and Ted Walch.
Guest speaker Jamie Lee Curtis '76.
Max Freedman and Cathy Pitoun ask the audience to silence their cell phones.
2006 filmmakers.