Date: March 19, 2010

Venue: ArcLight Cinerama Dome, 800 seats

Submissions: 150

Guest Speaker: Kathryn Bigelow in conversation with Jason Reitman '95

Judges: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine), Randy Newman (Toy Story 3), Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald (Catch Me If You Can, Gladiator), festival founder Elizabeth Yale

Directors: Romina D'Alessandro and Jake Gutman

Advisers: Cheri Gaulke and Ted Walch

Back on the Bike, 4:54
Garrett Gioia, director, Orange County High School for the Arts

The Beast, 8:22, Lizzie Award for Directing 
Mario Adriano, Eric Becerra, Denny Dimalanta and Michael Greenwood, directors, Providence High School

Break Away, 9:33, Lizzie Award for Story/Writing 
Franchesco Ramos, director, Cleveland High School

Calamus, 11:20, Lizzie Award for Best Overall
Jonathan Jayasinghe, director, Cleveland High School

The Compact, 10:20, Lizzie Award for Acting
Grace Samson, director, Providence High School

Cupidity, 5:40
Phoebe Singer, director, Harvard-Westlake School

Edward the Eraser, 1:54 
Joe Caedo & Conor Gould, directors, Providence High School

Good Neighbor, 1:38, Humanitarian Award
Cesar Cervantes, director, Bell High School

In the Beginning, 3:37
Ethan Corn (Santa Monica High School), Daniel Lachman (Las Lomas High School), Eddie Mele (Gould Academy), Sebastian Savino (Carmel High School) and Michael Stone (Brentwood School), directors, produced during NYU Tisch summer program

Love Vigilantes, 3:25, Lizzie Award for Cinematography
Libby Blood, director, El Dorado High School

Ninja Claus, 6:38, Lizzie Award for Special Effects
Arnold Aldridge, director, Homestead High School

Sleepyhead, 2:50, Lizzie Award for Editing
Patrick Correll & Matt Mendoza, directors, Chaminade

The Stand, 9:00, The Founder's Award
Olivia Chuba, director, Harvard-Westlake Summer Film Camp

Still Life, 5:11
Lee Feldman, director, Harvard-Westlake Summer Film Camp

Stop and Smell the Roses, 2:08
Harrison Litvack, director, Crossroads School

Stop. Think. Rewind., 1:24
Mattan Cohen, director, Northwood High School

Two Weeks, 4:33, Festival Directors' Choice
Brian Tran, director, University High School

2010 poster designed by Kevin O'Malley inspired by Bigelow's "The Hurt Locker."
Guest speakers Kathryn Bigelow and Jason Reitman.
Jake Gutman, Liz Yale, Cheri Gaulke, Jason Reitman, Kathryn Bigelow, Romina D'Alessandro, Ted Walch, Kevin O'Malley.
Festival directors Romina D'Alessandro and Jake Gutman.
"Cupidity" director Phoebe Singer, "The Stand" actor Xochi Maberry-Gaulke, director Olivia Chuba, actor Anjoum Agrama.
"Love Vigilantes" director Libby Blood.
"In the Beginning" director Ethan Corn.
"Break Away" writer Guadalupe Garcia and director Franchesco Ramos with Jason Reitman.
"Edward the Eraser" directors Joe Caedo and Conor Gould with Jason Reitman.
Jason Reitman with "Calamus" director Jonathan Jayasinghe.
Jason Reiman with "Two Weeks" director Brian Tran.
"Good Neighbor" director Cesar Cervantes.
"The Compact" producer Catherine Sanchez, editor Joe Barlak and sister of director Grace Samson with Jason Reitman.
"Sleepyhead" directors Patrick Correll and Matt Mendoza.
"Ninja Claus" director Arnold Aldridge.
Benjamin Morgan presents scholarships from festival sponsor the New York Film Academy.